We Help All People In Need Across continents

PAC-Türkiye is a humanitarian nonprofit NGO established in 2012 by humanitarian health workers to serve the affected people. We believe that all people in need, regardless of where they are or their gender, religion, or political affiliation, have the right to be served and supported.
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+1 M Beneficiaries reached through PAC projects

All PAC Activities Are Aligned With Humanitarian Standards

We are Implementing emergency and development humanitarian activities according to international humanitarian standards with prioritization of localization,community engagement and accountability
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+ 45Health facilities and Mobile clinics

We Support All Communities In Need

With our active response teams and coordination system, our intervention on both central and community levels became an essential part of the health map in NW Syria and a keystone in any emergency response.
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Who We are

We’ Re on A Mission To Support People

PAC is formally registered in Turkey, Yemen, and Sudan and has built its strategy and capacity to support central and Emergency Health and Nutrition programs.
1.5 M Children and Women in need in Syria

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PAC is an active partner of life saving humanitarian Sectors and has extensive expertise and coverage in terms of Emergency Response.
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    We’re a humanitarian nonprofit NGO

    Breathed hope for Affected communities

    The journey of Physicians Across Continents is not merely a narrative of medical aid; it is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity. Through their selfless endeavours, PAC's dedicated team of healthcare professionals breathed hope into affected communities, their unwavering commitment to healing transcending borders and barriers.

    Trauma & Surgical Programs PAC Trauma & Surgical programs refers to structured and coordinated specialized healthcare initiative designed to address the needs of individuals who…

    Mental Health

    Mental Health And Psychosocial Support MHPSS

    Physical Rehabilitation

    specialized Inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation services including prothetics

    Reproductive Health

    promoting and safeguarding the reproductive health and rights

    Dialysis Program

    providing comprehensive care to individuals with kidney failure or end-stage renal disease



      supplies management involves the efficient and effective storage, distribution and strengthening the monitoring and reporting of nutrition supply chain activities

      Young Child Nutrition

      is a comprehensive approach that focuses on promoting and supporting optimal nutrition for mothers, infants, and young children under 23 months

      Cash and Voucher Assistance

      CVA For Nutrition Approach Cash and Voucher Assistance CVA for Nutrition stands for Cash and Voucher Assistance to enhance Nutrition outcomes, which is an approach…

      Community-Based Management Of Acute Malnutrition

      a comprehensive approach to treating acute malnutrition in communities. It is an evidence-based and cost-effective strategy that integrates nutrition interventions in communities to prevent and treat acute malnutrition among vulnerable population


      PAC through its NC Co-leads worked to improve the nutrition status of emergency affected populations by ensuring an appropriate response that is predictable, timely, and effective and at scale. The primary purpose of the Nutrition Cluster is to support and strengthen a coordinated multi-sectoral approach in nutrition strategic planning, situation analysis and response both in emergencies and non- emergency situations

      Community Surveillance System

      A Nutrition Community Surveillance System (NCSS) is a specialized form of surveillance designed to monitor and assess nutritional status and related factors within a community or population

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      Save Lives

      Fundraising for the People In Need

      Millions of people are in need for health and nutrition assistance around the world, especially children under five and women who are in dire need of humanitarian services.

      They may find themselves compelled to resort to exploitative coping mechanisms such as child labour, early marriage, and neglect.

      You Can Be a Part of Changes in the World

      Strengthening access to health and nutrition services through our Rapid Response Teams could be strategically positioned for heightened access to humanitarian services.

      Total Beneficiaries
      • Active member in 5 Humanitarian Sectors
      • More than 35 Projects in 2023
      • Active Lead agency
      Response In Emergency Context

      Organization Projects

      Through a strategic partnership with key donors, PAC focused on improving health and nutrition interventions and capacity building through unique projects, including developing guidelines, managing national-level surveys and surveillance systems, managing supplies and cold chains, providing specialized mental health services, and Orthopedic surgeries.

      Across Continents non-profit organisation

      Give A Helping Hand
      For People in Need

      Support the Dialysis Center in Jarabulus

      0% Raised $0 donated of $60,000 goal Goals
      Dialysis Sessions: We provide dialysis sessions at least twice a…

      Support the Hope Step Center

      0% Raised $0 donated of $60,000 goal Goals
      Providing Upper Prosthetic Limbs: We aim to supply 50 upper…

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