You are currently viewing إعلان مناقصة بالظرف المختوم لاستئجار سيارة عدد 2 للعيادة النقالة لمتابعة الأنشطة مع الفريق الجوال.
إعلان مناقصة بالظرف المختوم لاستئجار سيارة عدد 2 للعيادة النقالة لمتابعة الأنشطة مع الفريق الجوال.

تنويه: مدة التعاقد من تاريخ الترسية على الرابح ولغاية 17/07/2023


Tender No: PAC-05-23 / 017

Doctors Across Continents Foundation / Turkey announces its desire to ask for quotations in the sealed envelope:

Rent Two cars for the mobile clinic to follow up on activities with the mobile team.

All offers must be submitted using two sealed envelopes containing:

The first envelope: contains the technical offer and the required documents

 The second envelope: contains the financial offer in the currency of the US dollar. The sealed envelopes must be delivered until the date of 13/May/2023 on Saturday at four o’clock in the afternoon, Syrian time, as the last date for receiving offers. No offer will be accepted after this date, regardless of the reasons. Offers will be delivered to the following address : 

PAC office in Shamarin in the village of Shamarin, next to the water tank (Shamarin Hospital)

Contact number: Logistics Department Tel: 905347204960+

Total distance per month 2000-2500  km .

Place of work: Azaz region – northern Syria

Supplier Responsibilities:

Technical offer:

The word technical offer must be clearly written on the technical offer envelope and contain the following:

• Help file signed and stamped by the supplier.

• Fill out Attachment No. 4 (Exhibitor/Company Information Table) and affix it to the main offer envelope.

• Bidder ID copy 

• A previous reference to the supplier’s dealings with non-governmental humanitarian organizations (if any).

• PTT account information in the name of the bidder or official delegate.

financial offer:

The word financial offer must be clearly written on the financial offer envelope and contain the following:

• Financial offer signed and stamped by the supplier. According to annex /1/

General Tender Terms:

• View the attached book of conditions and fill it out completely.

• The submitted offer must be complete with paperwork (a copy of personal identification – instruction sheet – additional information for the tender).

• The financial offer signed and stamped / Annex No. /1/.

• Achieving the specifications in the attached technical specification file /2/ in full. 

• It is preferable for the supplier to have previous dealings with humanitarian organizations and to have sufficient experience in that dealing.

• Filling, signing and stamping the Supplier Code of Conduct / Annex No. 3/.

Important Notes:

• Any condition of the public tender that has not been fulfilled may lead to a complete rejection of the offer.

• The submission of the offer by the supplier is not related to the necessity of awarding the offer to him.

• For any inquiries, you can contact us at: 


Number of files attached to the advertisement: /5/

 Announcement date: 05/May/2023

مرفقات مناقصة : استئجار سيارات فان خدمة عدد/4/ لتقديم خدمة النقل للفرق : PAC-W-01-23 / 002 :

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