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  • May 22, 2024


Syria, Aleppo and Idleb




12 Months

Project Status


PAC is an active partner of the NW Syria Nutrition cluster and has extensive expertise and coverage. as well as PAC is leading the Nutrition Surveillance System – NSS in 9 districts.


PAC nutrition program is delivered through 15 Rapid response teams covering 139 locations, 10 OTP centres, and 1 Stabilization centre. PAC has previous experience in all nutrition activities. During 2022, PAC nutrition services have reached over 500,000 beneficiaries across Nw Syria, through direct CMAM, IYCF, CVA, Awareness and supplies.

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Qualitative Services

Improve the quality and coverage of integrated malnutrition prevention nutrition services for most vulnerable groups through blanket supplementary feeding interventions and micronutrient supplementation
Target Beneficiary
+ 62 K
Location Covered
+ 1
Project Activities

Integrated Nutrition Services

  • What is the overall project objective?

    Tackling food diversity and malnutrition by providing vulnerable households with integrated nutrition services and access to fresh foods, to improve the food diets for pregnant and lactating women and children aged 6-23 months

  • What are project's components?

    Improve access to equitable and quality curative nutrition and psychosocial support services for vulnerable groups at risk of malnutrition along with e-voucher assistance for pregnant and lactating women and children aged 6-23 months

  • What are the project's Services

    This Project provides the following services focused on improving the nutrition condition and psychosocial support environment for targeted beneficiaries.

    PAC nutrition centres will ensure safe and non-stigmatized access to;

    1. Scale-up e-Voucher Assistance interventions to improve access to and consumption of safe, adequate and dietary diversified complementary foods among vulnerable children and caregivers.
    2. Screen pregnant and Lactating Women (PLW) and caregivers of children 0-24 months for infant feeding difficulties and provide counselling and awareness on Infant and Young Child Feeding in Emergencies (IYCF-E) and maternal nutrition practices
    3. Screen children, PLW and caregivers for signs of GBV and refer them to PSS support projects
    4. Provide micronutrient supplementation to PLW and children under 5 to accelerate anaemia and malnutrition reduction
  • What is the importance of the project?

    The project provides all the required nutrition-related messages on IYCF-E, and recommended feeding practices by using specially designed IEC materials. Awareness raising is conducted also on nutritional and healthy practices as well as referral to medical and protection services. Approximately 2,450 participants will be reached with awareness raising.

  • How does the project integrate with other partners?

    PAC is working closely with The Nutrition cluster to build a strong referral system, This approach guarantees that all caretakers who require specialist medical and protection care are recognized and sent to the specialist unit.

    The cluster partners also help to simplify the referral process and ensure that project beneficiaries receive adequate care at the specialist unit, On another side, PAC will provide complementary nutrition services through the field staff. 

  • What are the activities implemented?
    1. financial assistance to access complementary and nutritious food for pregnant and lactating women and caregivers.
    2. Conduct appropriate IYCF awareness sessions.
    3. Screening of malnutrition between children and pregnant and lactating women.
    4. Micronutrient supplements distribution for Children and pregnant and lactating women.
    5. provide IYCF one-to-one counselling for  PLWs and caregivers of children under 24 months of age.
    6. dissemination of  IYCF-E messages.
    7. Provide PFA, PSS, and information about services to the caretakers and Pregnant lactating women.
  • How does this project enable equal and impartial access to vulnerable groups and people with specific needs?

    PAC  adhere to including SPHERE, IASC, GBV, and Child Protection standards in this project.

    The Global Protection Cluster guidance: prioritize safety and dignity and avoid causing harm; meaningful access; accountability to beneficiaries; and, participation and empowerment are the key elements of PAC safe programming and a key part of the project activities.

    PAC’s specialized protection mainstreaming officer is working closely with the project manager to ensure good protection mainstreaming activities in all projects.

Being demand-driven and beneficiary-cantered

All Physicians Across Continents interventions are aligned with global and humanitarian strategies to promote nutrition practices, support life-saving and build resilience. Some of this project’s actions are part of a larger plan aimed to increase the reach of children and women in need for nutrition services across north west Syria.

With specific attention dedicated to women, girls and boys representing 100% target of the beneficiaries especially for the nutrition-related activities and food dites

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PAC is active nutrition NGO in the Syrian context since 2012 and has long experience in the field through over than 700 staff, and 39 field facilities

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