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CMAM Trainer
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A. General Information:

Type of service: Training and consultancy
Sector: Nutrition/CMAM and IYCF
Duration: 30 days
To work with: Technical working group and Northwest Syria cluster members
Number of Trainers requested: 2 Maximum
Language: English ( Arabic as added value)
Location: Turkey Gaziantep.
Training approach: Online (offers to conduct physical training in Gaziantep is preferable)

B. Background

According to OCHA Situation Report No. 21 /Oct 2020, the poor nutrition situation in northwest Syria continues, increasing acute and chronic malnutrition (stunting) among children over the last four months. The high prevalence of stunting in children aged 6-59 months and acute malnutrition in pregnant and lactating women (PLW) are of primary concern. The prevalence of chronic malnutrition among children aged 6-59 months increased from 19 percent to 33 percent (35 percent for boys, 31 percent for girls) between May 2019 and September 2020, while the prevalence of acute malnutrition increased from 1 percent to 2 percent over the same period. For PLW, proxy prevalence of acute malnutrition across northwest Syria is at 11 percent. There are also significant differences across northwest Syria. The proxy prevalence of acute malnutrition was higher in Idleb compared to Aleppo among children aged 6-59 months (4 percent vs. 1 percent) and PLW (20 percent vs. 2 percent) and was higher among displaced persons for both children aged 6-59 months and PLW. As well Some 2.8 million people in need in northwest Syria. 1.5 million people live in1,160 camps/sites in northwest

Syria (79% women and children). Economic crisis is inhibiting individuals’ independent access to vital supplies. According to SRH (Sexual and Reproductive Health) group update in Health Cluster meeting May 2020 share that Anaemia among mothers about 35% and is the third factor of morbidity among pregnant mothers.


C. Purpose & scope

In addition to the efforts of the key organization working in the field of health and Nutrition to support the most vulnerable groups and people in needs. As well, support the cluster and HRP objectives. PAC is willing to deliver advanced training packages for humanitarian Nutrition workers through a well-designed training package delivered via expert trainers inside Syria. 


The training package aim to improve the Nutrition workers capacity to Strengthen lifesaving preventive nutrition services for vulnerable population groups focusing on appropriate infant and young child feeding practices in emergency, micronutrient interventions and optimal maternal nutrition and to Strengthen lifesaving preventive nutrition services for vulnerable population groups focusing on appropriate infant and young child feeding practices in emergency, micronutrient interventions and optimal maternal nutrition.



D. Scope of this consultancy:

– Work with 6 members recommend and selected to by North-West Syria nutrition cluster to revise the current CMAM guidelines and suggest technical and implementation improvement 

– Provide 10 days CMAM Master training for 6 trainees for a duration of 10 days

– Develop CMAM TOT training curriculum and provide this training for 30 nutrition workers for a duration of 10 days. 

– Complete the training pre-and post test

– Complete training final report, and set a follow-up plan to ensure that the trained organization is fulfilled with the training needs. 


E. Objectives and Result: 

The objective is to strengthen the correct application of the Northwest Syria operational guidelines for the management of acute malnutrition. In addition to strengthen the current reporting, supervision, community mobilization to improve the performance of the management of acute malnutrition in In and Out-patient therapeutic services (Stabilization Centres and Out-patient Therapeutic Programmers).

Specific objectives

1. To assess the quality of service in the SCs and OTPs using the standardized score card and methodology

2. To build the capacity of the nutrition cluster partners to provide supportive supervision and, on the job, mentoring of nutrition partners providing SC and OTP services.

3. To build the capacity of local trainers to support the field worker on CMAM program.

4. To build the capacity of partners to strengthen the community mobilization aspect of CMAM for improved early case detection and defaulter tracing.

5. An effective CMAM service achieves good coverage and a service with good coverage is an effective service (increasing the coverage, increasing the cured rate, and decreasing the defaulter rate).



F. Calendar:

This consultancy and training need to completed ASAP before 31. December.2021. The selected trainers will ensure to work directly after completing the contract with PAC. The total duration is 30 working day. 


G. Qualification Requirements:


– Advanced university degree in health or nutrition relevant to the trainings’ subject 

– Specialization in Nutrition planning with PhD in Nutrition is an asset.

– ToT or other trainer certification

Skills and Experience 

– Strong nutrition technical level

– Experience in management of public health capacity building programs.

– Five or more years of clinical experience in pediatric health care and Nutrition regarding  treatment of acute malnutrition in infants and children under 5 years old

– Demonstrated experience in the design and delivery of CMAM training workshops 

– Good observation and analytical skills 

– Excellent oral and written communication skills, including public speaking 

– Motivated, creative and dynamic. 

– Competent in concise and accurate report writing

– Trainers with an experience in several humanitarian contexts, and well understanding of the Syrian HNO and Arabic language is super encouraged to share their offers.



H. Application procedures and conditions

PAC will accept the proposal and offers from suitable candidates (training companies or individual trainers) To November. 22nd. 2021. 


1. The proposal should be submitted electronically and include the following:

• Technical Offer 

• Updated CV(s)

• Technical Proposal with the methodology to be used, and the economic proposal including consultancy fee ( PAC will not cover the transportation, accommodation, or any other costs) 

• Samples of training materials and/or reports supporting the proposal

2. Selection of the preferred trainers will be based on a rigorous vetting process conducted by PAC and based on the technical quality and reasonable cost of the proposal.

3. Fees payment methodology will be agreed upon according to the provided offer and the type of offer provider. 


I. Proposal submission:

Proposals or information requests have to be sent to copy to 

Subject: CMAM Training- PAC – NWS.