You are currently viewing Tender announcement in sealed envelope (For the second time)
Tender announcement in sealed envelope (For the second time)

.TENDER No: PAC-03-21 / 006

PAC / Turkey announces its desire to solicit quotations in the sealed envelope Supply of 

(Remote Management & Monitoring Device For PV System (SMA – DATA MANAGEMENT

Model Number: EDMM – 10  | Manufacturer: SMA 

:The SMA – Data Manager should adhere to the technical specification in the data sheet included 

all offers must be submitted using two sealed envelopes, as the First Envelope: contains the technical .offer and the required papers

The second envelope: It must contain the financial offer in the US dollar currency and the sealed envelopes must be delivered until 16/04/2021 on Friday at five o’clock in the afternoon Turkish time as the last date for receiving the offers, as no offer will be accepted after this date, whatever the reasons, and the offers are delivered to the address next one

Mücahitler Mah. 52076 Nolu Sk. No: 5/F. Şehitkamil/Gaziantep

Place of delivery of the items: Mücahitler Mah. 52076 Nolu Sk. No: 5/F. Şehitkamil/Gaziantep

:Supplier Responsibilities

:Technical Offer

  • Writing the technical offer clearly on the envelope of the technical offer and that it contains the following. 
  •  The instruction file is signed and sealed by the supplier.
  • Company registration documents.
  • An authorization letter for the company representative (if applicable).
  • The identity of the supplier or a copy of the identity of the authorized company representative.
  • A previous reference for the supplier’s dealings with non-governmental humanitarian organizations (if any).

:Financial Offer

The word financial offer must be clearly written on the financial offer envelope and contain the following.

• The price offer is signed and stamped by the supplier. According to the attached form /1/

• Quotations are provided with the KDV tax.

:General Tender Conditions

• Reading the attached book of conditions and fill it out completely.

• The submitted tender must be full of paper (personal identification copy – instruction sheet – additional information for the tender)

• Completely fulfilling the specifications contained in the technical conditions form attached / 2 /.

• The financial payment will be after 5 five working days following the date of acceptance and receipt of the items.

• It is preferable for the supplier to have previous dealings with humanitarian organizations and to have sufficient experience in that deal.

• The supplier must send a sample for each item or photo thereof.

Important Notes

• Any condition of the conditions of the general tender that is not fulfilled may lead to a complete rejection of the offer.

• Submission of the offer by the supplier is not related to the necessity of awarding the offer to him.

• For any inquiries, you can contact us on the e-mail:

• Suppliers must prepare all required documents, otherwise the offer will be automatically rejected.

Offers will be evaluated based on the required quality

Number of files attached to the announcement: / 4 /

Announcement Date 07/04/2021